Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thanksgiving Thursday

This Thursday's thanks have gone family style!

A road to Lyme's Disease recovery.
Family trips to tropical places.
The Impending Beer Battered Super Bowl.
Trading cooking notes with Mama Bird.
A husband that loves cleaning as much as me. 
A (soon to be) addition to Team Thomas, Hazel Gwynneth. 
(no, still not a baby... You will see!) 
A thankful Brown Bear.
Family dinners with our neighbors.
Dog-friendly barbecue for birthday celebrations.
Home sweet home where my husband is.
Family, near and far, but all dear.

I know your family is awesome too...
Do they know how thankful you are for them? 
If not, let them know! 

1 comment:

  1. you are awesome and i am thankful! morning runs and gym workouts. k-cup trading and cupcake chard. shared leftovers and baked delights. all our boys with a j name and two heathen dogs...yep, i am even thankful for them {just don't tell them-the dogs not the boys}


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