Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Little Addition

Have you missed me? 
Talk about a disappearing trick! 
I missed you. 
And I missed writing and cooking and reading!

No Meatless Monday last week. 
And no Thanks on Thursday either...
I'm sure you were worried what happened to your girl (me!)... 
Last week was a long, not feeling so hot one for me. 
Then came our trip to Utah for a family wedding.
Brrr it was chilly.
And I didn't get to set up posts before I left because I didn't feel well.

Thank goodness I'm back! 
And with a little bit of sweetness to share. 

Meet Hazel Gwynneth Thomas. 
She joined our family on Valentine's Day. 
And goodness do we love her. 

She's already become so comfortable at home with Mr. T and me! 
She quickly fell asleep cuddling with Mr. T last night. 

And after much working out this morning, she immediately went down for a nap.
Did you know boxers snore like small freight trains?
They do.
Please prepare yourself for a ridiculous amount of pictures of her.
We are such proud puppy parents already.
And with a face like hers, can you blame us?!?


  1. Love your new pup! Hazel seems very happy with her parents as well:) Sorry to hear you weren't feeling too well, Amber, but now that you have your new little one to snuggle you must be doing a lot better. Can't wait to meet her!


    1. Aunt Gwynno! We can't wait for you to meet your namesake! She is so silly and lacks in some of her coordination but her sweetness reminds us of you!

  2. AWWWW, i had never seen a Hazel Pup pic!!! How precious!


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