Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twelve Things for Twenty-Twelve!

We are back from Hawaii and tanner than a cowhide!
I'm enjoying my little Hawaiian sun glow in the midst of January wintery-ness....
However, Southern California hasn't seemed to got the cold weather message
and I'm sporting flats and a sun dress to work!
(You'll never hear this girl complain about warm weather)

So, after four days of the new year have lapsed, I am back with my resolution(s)
and my list of 12 To-Dos for Twenty-Twelve!
Think of it as a bucket list, for this year, which will never come again.

Twelve To-Dos in Twenty-Twelve!

Want to make your own? Do it and take a button with you!
Then comment so I can see your list!

1. Run a marathon.
(Already got this one on the books, June 3)
2. Cook 5 of Julia Child's recipes.
(Got her Art of French Cooking books for Christmas... It's time!)
3. Write for myself, to document my life.
4. Keep my workouts consistent all year long.
5. Read two books a month and review them.
(One down for January... Be looking for the review!)
6. Carry a notebook on me for all inspiration and insights.
7. Find a purpose for all the old cards I have kept for years.
(I truly love them and love the words inside them...
I have a couple inspirations and promise to share as soon as I DIMyself!)
8. Drink more water.
(Simple, but vital)
9. Write out a bible verse per day, by hand.
10. Suprise Mr. T with a fishing trip.
(You would think this ruins the surprise...
But he doesn't check this puppy out, so I'm safe!)
11. Break my 1:55 half marathon PR.
12. Take more pictures of the day to day as mundane, stupid, and silly as it can be.

And my resolutions!

1. Enjoy the moment.
I grew up in church hearing that living in the moment leads to falling into temptation.
Consistentely hearing to think bigger than the present moment,
the planner in me was born, bred, and solidified.
I realize I let my lists, schedule, and planning
overcome the little moments I should enjoy so much.
So, this year, more time basking in the sweet moments of life
with Mr. T, by myself, with God, with family... Just all of life.

2. Keep life, and my closets, simple!
I tend to keep, keep, keep. I'm organized about it, but, my oh my,
I hate to give things away, throw things away, simplify.
This doesn't just apply to physical "stuff" that can clutter closets...
In fact, I probably hold onto more in my mind than anywhere else in my house!
Memories are good; but I let things linger.
I worry about, mull over, dwell upon things that matter to no one else.
Twenty-twelve is time to breathe and let go.
This year I will empty the clutter in my life, in order to better enjoy the little things I have.

What are you resolving to do?
Do be warned, I will hold you accountable!

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