Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thanksgiving Thursday

Remember how I'm working on being thankful this year? If not, see here. 
I realize there are a million and four things I should be thankful for at this very moment. 
Multiply that by every moment that makes up my days, weeks, months, and years...
And, wow, we have a large number. 

But this Thursday I will give thanks for a small fraction of the millions.
This Thursday I give thanks for...

My warm bed on progressively colder nights.
The crispness of brisk morning runs. 
Flannel PJs (and changing into them as soon as I get home from work)
Sweet, stylish scarves to make me feel glamorous.
A God who blesses, not just me, but those around me. 
Hope renewed. 
Life that doesn't go as planned, but is oh-so-sweet.
Mr. T's appetite that affords me much grace in the kitchen. 
Chilly fingers and toes greeted by warm air.
Those who support me and those who don't which allows me to grow
(in one way or the other).
My new blue suede shoes with buckles.
A book that makes me laugh out loud. 

...And the list goes on. 

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