Thursday, January 5, 2012

a runner's balanced meal

While in the airport in Honolulu waiting to start our journey back home, 
my dear Mama Bird decided to pick up some reading material... 
(Besides the three books we each blew through on the trip!) 
Thank goodness she did and decided to share... 
She graced our lives with the January 2012 issue of Runner's World. 

Oh my. 

I was drooling over the amazing running shoes, shorts, and shirts throughout the magazine.
Then I found the 2012 marathon training guide... So perfect in it's timing! 
And finally, I was reading through a Healthier, Balanced Runner list of tips and tricks. 
Not only did they encourage runners to drink more water, eat fish post-long runs,
and to cross train; but they talked about a runner's balanced dinner plate. 

My plates are transforming from this: 

(Yep, talk about carbohydrate heavy!) 

To this: 

I ran cross country and track in high school, played soccer for ten years, 
and have become friends with some great running friends, but none have ever
instilled in me dinnertime wisdom like this. 
Doesn't the visual make it so clear for you? 

I also love veggies so was beyond stoked to see something I love in there.
The only thing I'm confused about... They forgot the dessert portion!
I guess that warrants an entire plate of it's own.
And, surprise, surprise, I'm okay with that!

What nutrition advice has been particularly helpful to you? 

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