Friday, January 6, 2012

just out on a limb.

After reading this post by Kim over at oh, sweet joy! 
I couldn't help but admire her bravery in taking on a tough topic. 
In looking at the comments I realized I was not the only reader who was impressed 
by Kim's ability to handle a sensitive topic as such, while keeping true to herself. 

This snowballed into reflecting upon the way that I approach my posts and 
how I, recently, have shied away from posts about my faith. 
I found myself asking, "Why?" Feeling challenged to be truthful with myself, 
let to being truthful with you, as my readers. 
I allow my nerves to outwit my confidence. 
I'm living (as one of my Pastors once said to me) "by fear, not by faith". 
{Yes, he is a wise man!} 

So, here I am, going out on a limb, for the first time
in a long time. 

(pretty sweet pic, huh? 80 feet up in a Captain Hook tree in Kauai)

My nerves are a result of many years of judgement within the church. 
So often Christians turn all Judge Judy on one another and cast some heavy stones 
of unfair, unwarranted conjectures.

I realize that people, both Christian and not  
-myself probably being the worst-, 
read or hear what Christians write or say and assume because they opine on a specific topic, 
say temptation, the speaker is perfect at avoiding temptation. 
As is evident in the Bible, the greatest characters were far from perfect.
And often, the theme found in their writings was, in fact, their biggest flaw.

Paul, a previous murder of church members, was an encourager of churches from his jail cell.
Matthew, the worst of the worst in society, a tax collector, 
wrote the tale of Jesus' life for the Christian church in Jesus' time to know their messiah. 
John the Baptist, a fisherman, became a literal fisher of men. 
There was nothing special, extraordinary about these men, until Christ loved them. 

Just like the men above, I struggle with a list longer than this post.
But, God dwelling in me makes me a force for His glory, 
and in this, I am extraordinary. 

Christian writers, public figures... Heck, all Christians, are trying their best. 
Come on, life isn't the easiest thing. 
I pray that Christians can set down their stones and embrace one another, 
public figure or not, mistakes and all, out of God's love and grace to us. 
Then we can be the greatest, truest examples of God's goodness and glory! 

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