Saturday, January 14, 2012

Facebook Fan Page!

With my renewed excitement about my blog has come a new confidence in myself.
I really worked in college to keep my blog and my personal life as separate as possible. 
In reflecting on that choice I realize that I was nervous about how my blog would be accepted
by others in my life, so instead of venturing out of my comfort zone, I hid it. 
Yep, so mature. 

What did Dr. Suess say? 

Oh he had it all right. 
So, the Facebook Fan Page for Mr. Thomas & Me is up. 
And I'm just going to let it grow naturally, no stress about the numbers. 
You can check it out through this post... Or through the little button I have put in the left column. 

I'll be putting my posts through there and you can click through as you wish! 
Thanks for being faithful readers and for your lovely support and encouragement!


  1. Very Cool Idea! I am still struggling with my blog and people I know... it shouldn't matter, but I kind of like having a place that is "mine" and where I can say what I want. Spineless at times, yes, but I'm just not ready to open up the "pandora's box" quite yet.
    I love that you have the ability to be so brave and move forward making your blog public though... inspiring :)

    1. I completely understand keeping it private and separate from everyone else. I did that for almost two years and appreciated having a place to call my own!

      Pandora's Box is the perfect way to describe it... And I'm not sure how long it will take me to realize what I've got myself into! But until then, I will cluelessly forage onward! :)

      Happy Sunday!


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