Friday, December 16, 2011

The Naughty Underdog

Preface: This post is in no way condoning affairs, cheating, or stealing someone else's special someone...


I love these two books. 
Why you ask? 
They are wonderfully, wistfully hilarious. 
But, I love they that they have got me thinking. 
The main characters in both of these books are 
underdogs with beautiful personalities. 
Unfortunately, the men in their lives do not appreciate the pretty pals in their lives. 

These girls take the matter into their own hands 
and find someone who treasures them. 
Yep, they go out on their men or go 
and get the man that is (sort of) rightfully theirs. 
And, guess what? I don't hate them for it.
In fact, I find myself cheering them on. Telling them they can do it. 
Yeah, who knew?
I love me an underdog, turns out. 

Have you read these sweet books?
They're romantic, silly, and through the course of the book 
you fall in love with the main characters.
The kind of love where you're truly sad when the book ends.
Sad because you're saying bye to a good friend.

Do you have books like this in your life? 
Please share the titles, pretty please. 

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