Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Friends!

 How fantastic are these photos? 
Pretty dang great.
So great, in fact, I had to get them up for you to see. 
Consider it my Christmas gift to you. 

My dad was one of ten kids. 
Only  six of which were born at this point... 
Quite possibly another growing in my grandma's tummy here. 
And my dad, the bow tie wearing, smile rocking boy in the white shirt.
Rocking the Pee-Wee Herman Jr. look. 

And the Virgin Mary finding her way into another Minegar picture.
No smiles here... But rocking slacks and plaid.
Too good. 

Last but not least. 
The kids with their Christmas presents.
Yep, my dad (on the left) and his brother are matching in their Hop-A-Long Cassidy getups.
And standing in those wagons... Safety at it's finest boys! 

Merry Christmas all!
Yay for time celebrating Jesus with family and friends!

Do you have any great old family pictures?

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