Friday, December 9, 2011

dear mr. t... much love, me

Dear Mr. T,

This season of the year is more magical with you in it as my husband.
You're such a Christmas elf.
(as evidenced above)
I like sitting on the couch drinking hot cocoa with you.
Thanks for wearing pjs to dinner with me every night.
Going out is way less tempting when I know I can just wear my flannels to our table.
Even though you're not as on top of Christmas gifts as me,
you are better at knowing what you want.
For that, I am thankful and an efficient shopper.

I appreciate you smiling in all the pictures I take,
just know, it's because I want to capture all these precious moments.
Unfortunately for you, the rest of our lives are already precious in my mind.

On top of the Christmas joy, tomorrow is three months since we said, "I do."
Can you believe it? I can't.
Who knew this would be so much fun? Not me.
I couldn't be more in love with you, I think, but I know it'll only get better.
You rock Mr. T.

Much love at Christmas time,

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