Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dear Mr. T... Love, Me

Dear Mr. T,

We are honeymooning times two. Wow, aren't we lucky?
My answer is YES!

I love snorkeling with you, even if it's just for ten minutes
and I'm clutching for dear life.
I wouldn't blame a shark for taking a nibble out of my bite sized self.
And laying on the beach reading a book
is so much nicer knowing you're going to show up and shake water on me.

Thanks for an amazing first honeymoon.
And for joining me on this second one.
25 years ago my parents wed,
I can't wait to celebrate 25 years with you.
I bet it'll fly by, just like the last three years... Especially the last three months.


P.S. We need this week of tan desperately. 
That means time on the beach like crazy is a must.

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